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2024-2025 Spring Benefits Guide


The Benefits Department is here to assist with your benefits enrollment. 


All new hires eligible for benefits must complete their initial enrollment online within thirty-one (31) days of the actively at work date.  Please keep in mind enrollment is time-sensitive. Therefore, after 31 days, access to enrolling into the benefits will close.  Your initial enrollment in the Dayton ISD Benefits requires an election or waiver for each benefit offered.  Enrollment is accessible by logging into your BenefitSolver account. Please schedule a meeting with DeAnna McKay in the Benefits Department to review the Dayton ISD Benefits Guide to assist with determining the best benefit options for you and your family members before enrolling. (See Dayton ISD Benefit Guide link above). While enrolling, be sure to read all the information provided for each benefit to complete your enrollment. 


For medical only, determine when your medical benefits will begin by electing one of the following options: a) First day of employment, b) First day of the following month after date of hire. Keep in mind that should you choose coverage for the first day of employment, the full premium for the month will be deducted from your first paycheck. Medical insurance is paid in the current month (January checks pay for January benefits). Online benefit enrollment is available 24 hours daily from any computer with internet access. 


After the initial enrollment period ends, employees will no longer be eligible or have access to enroll in or make changes to their benefits.  The next opportunity to enroll in, change or drop benefits will be during the Dayton ISD Annual Enrollment session held each year for the new plan year that begins 09/01 or in the event an eligible Qualifying Event occurs.  Please contact the Benefits Department for assistance when a Qualifying Event occurs as this event is also time-sensitive, allowing employees 31 days only from the event date to request and submit a change to your benefits.



New hires with no internet access who need assistance to complete their initial enrollment are welcome to make an appointment with DeAnna McKay in the Benefits Department. Please send an email to deanna.mckay@daytonisd. net or by calling 936.258.2667 ext. 1103  to set your appointment.


If access to enroll in your benefits is denied for any reason please contact DeAnna McKay via email for assistance.