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Custodial & Central Receiving


DISD Maintenance Shop

702 S. Cleveland Str.  -  Dayton, Tx 77535

Direct Contact: (936) 257-4128  




Custodial Crew

Custodial Operations Coordinator – Rotesha Hubert 

  Dora Vasquez,  Head Custodian DHS

  Rocio Alvarenga,  Head Custodian WWJH

  Sharyn Zeno,  Head Custodian NAEC, COL, DSSC

  Elva Pruneda,  Head Custodian KMB

Sharese Amey,  Head Custodian ERR

Brenda Luna, Head Custodian SFA 

Yolanda Nunes, Administration

Maria Carranco, Maint, Bus Barn, Food Svc, GHEC



Preventative Measures

Rotesha Hubert works with the head custodial staff to continually take pro-active measures for disease/germ control to protect our children and staff from infectious diseases.

High-touch surfaces (e.g. doorknobs, panic bars, light switches) are cleaned and disinfected frequently during the normal school day.  

Cleaning solutions are prepared daily or as frequently as needed thru out the day.  Mop heads are changed at the end of each day or on a more frequent basis if used to clean up body substances.  Mops and cloths are cleaned after use and allowed to dry completely before reuse.

Horizontal surfaces are wet-dusted daily with a disinfectant.

Carpeted areas are vacuumed daily.  Upholstered furniture is disinfected daily with a spray disinfectant.

Custodial staff wear protective gloves for all tasks.

All trash cans are emptied daily, or more frequently as needed.


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